Project management Novaquatis

Project management Novaquatis

The transdisciplinary project Novaquatis was managed by Tove A. Larsen and Judit Lienert at Eawag. They were responsible for all strategic and operational matters, and for the coordination and communication among project participants inside and outside Eawag. The project management answered inquiries and promoted contacts with the public, with decisionmakers, stakeholders and the scientific community. It was also responsible for the public relations of Novaquatis.

The project management was backed by a project management team (see photo) consisting of Eawag-scientists from different fields (chemistry, ecotoxicology, engineering).

A steering committee consisting of representatives from outside Eawag gave more general guidelines to Novaquatis, especially regarding the possible implementation of NoMix technology in the real-world. The members included wastewater professionals from the national, cantonal, and communal level as well as representatives from the sanitary industry and from agriculture.

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Novaquatis project management team (from left to right): Max Maurer, Tove A. Larsen, Judit Lienert, Rik Eggen, Alfredo Alder (Photo Andri Bryner)